US: A new deadline for VW over the emissions settlement image

A federal judge has set a new deadline for Volkswagen to strike a deal with the US regulators over a fix for the cars affected by the scandal.

The German automaker had a 24 March deadline to reach to an agreement with the US Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board on how to fix nearly 600, 000 over-polluting cars in the United States. The time limit was set by the District Judge Charles Breyer during a court hearing in January, but no deal was struck last week. Breyer, Volkswagen and regulators all said at yet another briefing last Thursday in San Francisco that progress has been made during intensive negotiations, but without reaching a final conclusion.

Therefore, the judge demanded a definitive answer on the status of the matter by April 21 and if by then there is still no deal, Breyer said he would consider holding a trial on the issue this summer to address the vehicles that the US Environmental Protection Agency said emit up to 40 times legally allowable pollution in real world driving.

Last month, the head of the California Air Resources Board enforcement division, said he did not believe that all VW cars fitted with the bypass device can fully comply with laws no matter how the fix looked like. The solution could involve mending the vehicles fitted with the cheating device, buybacks or compensations for the owners and remediation funds.

Via Reuters