Although noticed by automakers, around 25% of recalled cars don’t get their fix every year, which means there are millions of cars that pose hazardous threats to the owner and others.

Usually, the cars missing the fix have the owner mistaking the letter of recall as junk mail or opting not to fix the issue right away or at all, depending of the assessment of potential risk.

“Our data suggests that there are 36 million cars that are on the road that have an unfixed recall,” said Christopher Basso from Carfax, a company that provides vehicle history reports. “That’s all the recalls that don’t get fixed year after year, that compound year after year.”

Further on, according to data coming from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each year the average repair rate for recalled cars hovers around 75%, but when it comes to much older cars – which are potentially much more dangerous, the rate of fixes is far lower.

The federal regulators mandate the automaker to notify the owners of a recall within 60 days since it was issued, even if a fix is not yet ready, then follow up with a second notice when the problem can be addressed. The carmaker say they aim to boost the recall completion rate by using traditional media – phone calls and letters, as well as new media – social media and e-mails.



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