US: AAA says motorists are paying gas at a four-year-low image

Here’s a cheerful holiday news for the 41.3 million Americans who are getting ready to travel over the course of the upcoming holidays – according to an AAA Daily Gas Gauge estimate they’re going to pay the lowest holiday prices for gas in five years.

Yesterday, according to the organization, the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline has gone down for 60 consecutive days, to just $2.81 per gallon. “This is 7 cents less than one week ago, one quarter less than one month ago and 46 cents less than one year ago. Today’s price is the least expensive since November 4, 2010 and motorists are on target to pay the lowest averages at the Thanksgiving holiday since 2009, when the national average price was $2.63 per gallon,” said the AAA.

The drive towards lower retail prices of gas seems to be supported by the outstanding internal production of petroleum and the happiest drivers in the US are those who live in South Carolina and Missouri. They have the country’s lowest average price at the pump, $2.57 per gallon, and to that extent no less than 38 of the US states have averages below the $3.00 per gallon mark. Only those living in the northeast or on the West Coast see bigger prices, with Hawaii in the lead at $3.91, Alaska at $3.54, New York at $3.20 and Connecticut at $3.14.

The federal Energy Information Administration also confirmed the drops, estimating that gasoline was down by at least 7 cents per gallon and down 47.2 center per gallon from the same period of 2013.