US: AAA says rear-view cameras can save lives image

With winter approaching fast and the hours of light diminishing, pedestrian safety is among the concerns covered by recent AAA studies. One way of reducing the hazard is simple and effective – get a vehicle with a back-up camera.

According to the US travel and safety organization, the rear-view systems (which are offered optional or standard by many brands) have on average improved rear visibility by 46% – significant enough to lead to around 100 lives saved annually. Federal safety regulators have taken notice of the feature and have introduced legislation that makes them mandatory a year from now. “These systems are especially helpful for viewing the first 10 feet behind the vehicle, which are the most hazardous in terms of back-over risk for young children,” commented John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows us a saddening tally – on average 292 people are killed annually in back-up accidents in the US. Of them, no less than 100 are children under the age of five. There are another 18,000 injuries (both children, teens and adults). NHTSA considers that using rear-view cameras can save between 95 and 112 lives annually, while also lowering the injury toll by a further 8,374 cases. The agency is now mandating that all 2017 model year cars produced before May 2018 to come equipped with the back-up cameras.