Honda, the parent company of the Acura premium division, is sparing no expenses to ensure its new TLX sports sedan gets a warm reception.

The luxury division has the new TLX sedan replacing two other models – the TSX and TL sedans – making it a key model in Acura’s line-up. The introduction of the car was even delayed by half a year to ensure the best functionality of its new software, powertrain, handling and safety systems.

“The chief engineer put it a good way: It’s worse to launch a new car with new technology that doesn’t work than it is launching a car with old technology,” said Mike Accavitti, chief of the Acura brand. “We wanted to make sure everything was right, and because of that we pushed it back.”

After Honda’s new Fit model (Jazz in other parts of the world) was also delayed for the same reasons and the Japanese company’s sales dipped 1.3% through July, Accaviti says the automaker aims to recap the distance by intensely promoting the TLX. Actually, according to the executive, the brand’s media push for the model will be its biggest in the history.

“It’ll be our biggest, both in terms of spending and effort,” Accavitti said, without elaborating.

For good measure, Acura’s last promotional push for an important model was 2013’s presentation of the refreshed MDX sport-utility vehicle. According to New York-based Kantar Media, out of the total advertising expenditures of $237.7 million, no less than $74.4 million was used for the new MDX.

Via Bloomberg



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