US: Airbag lawsuit led to GM’s Cruze recall image

General Motors seemed to have enough safety problems of their own, but the latest recall showed that the other huge safety crisis of the year – wit the Takata made airbags – is also affecting the US automaker.

More so, the latest batch of recalled cars, around 33,000 Chevrolet Cruze sedans called back across North America, seems to have been triggered by an airbag accident lawsuit field against both GM and Takata.

Brandi Owens, the plaintiff in a late April suit filed in the federal court of Atlanta, lost one of her eyes in an accident in which she claimed both of her car’s front airbags were “defective and unreasonably dangerous,” linking them to Takata’s inflator problem.

Documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that GM was made aware of a lawsuit on May 1 that involved one of its Chevrolet Cruze sedans with an improperly deployed airbag.

NHTSA said it knows of GM’s recall to replace a faulty airbag part, “which can result in the inflator rupturing during deployment and can lead to metal fragments striking occupants and no inflation of the air bag.”

The NHTSA opened a probe into Takata made airbags, spanning more than 1 million cars (in addition to the latest 3 million recall from Japanese automakers) equipped with Takata’s airbags, citing reports that the agency received that the safety system is prone to failure in the humid climates of Florida and Puerto Rico.

Via Reuters