US: all the hot launches of 2016 (Part 2) image

Sales are booming, with pickups, SUVs and crossovers at the forefront and profits are on the rise like never before. And when the good times roll, model year cars become hotter than ever.

As we leave behind us the scorching summer and prepare for the autumn, the automakers are like our children going to school – they’re brimming with anticipation and have made outstanding preparations – in this case the 2016 model year cars. And because the autumn is like the start of an entirely new year for carmakers, we’re expecting only good things to happen across dealer lots all over the country.

The 2016 model year changeover will not only come with its usual foray of new and refreshed autos, but also carries forward certain important technologies – the list being headed by the massive addition of the Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto infotainment systems, sitting next to the latest crop of semi-driverless features that promise hands free driving under certain conditions. When it comes to cars and light trucks, every customer will find something to be satisfied with, form the smallest – second generation Smart ForTwo to the BMW 7 Series flagship, supercars or Bentley’s first ever ultra-luxury SUV, the Bentayga. We have come up with a brimming list of the most important models to headline the upcoming 12 months, following up on part one:

Ford has decided that 2016 is a performance year and we’re going to be treated with the first US introduction of the Focus RS hot hatch, the 526-hp Shelby GT350 Mustang and Ford’s all-new flagship sports car, the limited series GT – the most exclusive and expensive modern Ford.

GMC will be delivering models alongside brethren brand Chevrolet and will enhance its lineup with a high-torque, low fuel consumption diesel extra for the new Canyon midsize pickup.

Honda has a crucial model introduction this year – the ubiquitous best-selling Civic compact that was surprisingly revealed during the New York Auto Show in April – way before anyone expected it to premiere. It will come with US firsts also, including the hatchback guise or a turbocharged-four banger.

Hyundai wants to end the sales draught caused by a lineup focused mostly on not so hot selling sedans by delivering the all new Tucson crossover – it has a bolder design, it’s bigger inside and loaded with features.

Infiniti has been on the roll lately, delivering numerous new or refreshed products. For the 2016 model year it will cater for the entry-level area of the range, with the addition of the Q30 compact hatchback and more importantly the QX30 crossover version.

Jaguar will seek to reshape its entire brand image in the US with the introduction of the new XF midsize luxury sedan and a complete strategy makeover in terms of pricing and service. But that’s not all folks – they also have the launch of the new XE compact sedan and the F-Pace, the make’s first SUV.

Kia has been keen on shedding its brand image of an affordable maker of rather dull econocars and the flagship Optima was one of the arguments. Now the automaker is delivering a new generation of the midsize sedan.

Lexus has been recapturing the monthly lead on the luxury market thanks to the introduction of the compact NX crossover and imagine how the deliveries will look after the brand introduces the new generation of the ubiquitously-popular RX larger crossover for 2016.

Lincoln has interesting things to come – first and foremost the launch of its new flagship sedan that will also bring back the iconic Continental moniker and consumers will also look forward to the introduction of the MKX crossover model.