US: alternative powered vehicle sales on the rise in May image

While US gasoline prices are way lower than during the same period last year, they did come up gradually since the start of the year, so concerned consumers have turned back to the crop of fuel efficient, alternative powered vehicles.

General Motors’ Volt plug-in hybrid and Nissan’s Leaf battery electric models had strong sales in May, even as the cars are heading towards the latter part in their first-generation life cycle. Both autos, one a plug-in hybrid and the other a pure electric had their best sales figures for the year – electric sales typically go up during the summer, with May signaling the start of the growth. The Leaf is the best selling electric car in the world and had more than 2,000 units delivered across the US last month, jumping from 1,553 in April. Chevrolet’s Volt also topped for the first time the 1,000 units mark this year with deliveries of 1,618 vehicles – a massive increase from 905 in April. The best numbers for the Volt since August last year also come at a time when the automaker is gearing up to release into showrooms the 2016 Volt, the second-generation of the model.

Even Tesla Motors – which usually doesn’t break sales on a monthly basis – has been estimated to have sold 2,400 Model S electric sedans last month in North America – with experts considering the US sales have gone up thanks to the recent introduction of the all-wheel drive Model S 70D and 85D versions. Various predictions put sales of the California-based automaker between 800 and as much as 1,652 units.

Via Forbes