US: analysts give the thumbs up to self-driving cars and fuel economy technologies image

During an analysts conference held last week in the US, the industry experts praised the evolution of automakers towards the introduction of autonomous cars and further advancing their fuel-saving techniques.

That’s a true meld of the old and new – the automated driving and traditional internal combustion engine. According to Xavier Mosquet of Boston Consulting Group, the first category already (note there’s no autonomous car yet on the roads as a series produced model) sees an astonishing 55% acceptance from car buyers – and if regulators won’t push for the autonomous revolution, customers certainly will. The 55% refers to people willing to buy partially-assisted self-driving cars, with 40% going for the full autonomous treatment and 20% adding they are willing to spend $4,000 for the system.

The audience present during the Society of Automotive Analysts and Citi Research Automotive Investor Summit also pointed out that new engine technologies – many of them enhancing the old gasoline and diesel engines we know – are taking up an increased chunk of the global automakers’ R&D budgets. In time, the advances should yield a 40% reduction of fuel consumption. While electric driving weight reduction and other technologies are set to play a bigger role, key to the improvements are the ongoing advances to the traditional gasoline and diesel engines.