US: apps now catering for the world of bad driving image

With the traditional, but recent saying “there’s an app for that”, one could believe that for any idea or desire we could have a smartphone response. And with more than one million apps in the Apple Store and close to that in Google Play, we’re close to the truth.

With automakers, suppliers and technology companies all hard at work to have the smartphone and its app ecosystem embedded into the core of our upcoming cars, the software developers are creating new and sometimes useful ways of appealing to drivers. We have for example the wildly popular Waze – designed to help motorists beat traffic jams for examples. And others are in the making – they envision a way of allowing you to stay in touch with another driver or even avoid altogether bad traffic participants. Israeli tech firm Nexar is developing an app that would make use of the iPhone’s camera to monitor the traffic – the program captures the license plates and then searches a database of “bad drivers” to tell you if you should avoid them. Nexar CEO Eran Shir showcased a concept at the annual Code Conference, in California, with the company saying it has more than 500 billion hours of driving data gathered annually.

The idea behind the app is simple – have road hazards identified easily. But its usage pattern might be taken to different levels by the very “bad” drivers. For example, because someone can identify as a bad driver anyone, a speeder might tap his iPhone screen every time he-s behind someone who obeys the laws.