US: April’s Top 10 best selling cars image

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, the American motorist rushed to make the long delayed new car purchase, with shoppers back on their good behavior: full size pick-up trucks and crossovers are all the rage.

As the US economy continues its slow but stable growth out of the last decade’s troubled years, the employment’s rate growth means more people look for a new car – to used it as work aid or to get to that new job. Stable fuel prices and the advent of technology that significantly decreased the gas-guzzling ideas of many trucks means large trucks as well as SUV’s and crossovers are back in fashion. Among the non-truck segments, the small and midsize cars were sought, with Japanese automakers showing a traditional strength in the region.

10. Nissan Altima – it’s up 13.7% from sales in April 2013, but with 25,004 cars sold it’s down from fifth place in March.

9. Ford Fusion – the model is coming up short both on April 2013’s numbers and sales accounted in March – with 26,435 units the Fusion is down 1.1% over the same period last year and a distant way from last month’s 32,963 tally.

8. Honda Civic – the compact segment is a huge field of battle today, but the perennial sedan is showing no signs of fatigue – it went up 4.4% to a respectable 27,611 total.

7. Honda CR-V – here is our first SUV, the very popular Japanese crossover that as usual kept its pace – it’s 28,405 units mean the model grew 7.4 % from April 2013.

6. Toyota Corolla – with an unusually – for Toyota – bold and aggressive design, the compact model has been picking up pace lately, reaching sales of 29,061 cars last month – up 19.7% from last year’s period.

5. Honda Accord – the popular sedan managed to be delivered in 34,124 units, although it’s beginning to loose ground to the stiff competition in the segment, mainly Ford’s Fusion or Toyota’s usual leader – Camry.

4. Ram 1500 – the Chrysler unit has been among the best faring brands this year, and that is really 1500’s fault – it managed to be sold in 36,674 units – up 16.8% on last year’s period.

3. Toyota Camry – the best selling passenger car in America is preparing for a model refresh, but sale sin April remained strong – with 38,009 vehicles, which is an increase of 19.9% over April 2013.

2. Chevrolet Silverado – the battle between Ram and the Silverado should be the one to watch this year, as the Chevy managed to send its opponent in April to the fourth place with sales of 42,755 vehicles – which is up 8.5 % from last year’s period.

1. Ford F-150 – even though the model is at the very end of its career cycle, the ever best-selling pick-up truck comfortably maintained its lead in April – it moved 63,387 units, growing 7.4 % over the same period last year.