US Army gets the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 fuel cell off-roader image

The military is keen on trialing fuel cell vehicles on the battlefield as scout models because the electric vehicles are quiet and – in this installment – quite adept at off-roading.

The United States Army wants to find out how hydrogen fuel cells perform on the battlefield, and General Motors is working with them to present the ruggedized and bespoke Chevrolet Colorado. The ZH2 midsize pickup has foregone the internal combustion engine in favor of a removable fuel cell – and testing is set to commence next year. GM worked with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center to have the ZH2 up and running in under a year. The model has a stretched version of the Colorado platform, a beefier suspension setup and 37-inch tires.


Of course the most interesting thing about the concept is the Exportable Power Take-Off – the soldiers can go into the wilderness with the truck and then remove fuel cell for a supply of electricity. GM will be working on the vehicle at the Milford Proving Grounds until early next year and then the truck will go into Army field testing. GM is even working with the U.S Navy on a fuel-cell powered underwater drone which could last up to 60 days at sea without recharging.