US: around half of all electric cars are sold in California image

The most populated American state is also the leader when it comes to environmental consciousness, shows a recent study coming from the US Energy Information Administration, or EIA.

That’s because the report shows that almost 50% of all battery-electric vehicles delivered in the United States have a Californian residence – though total sales of plug-based vehicles, including plug-ins and pure battery-electric models, are just a drop in the auto industry sales ocean. And demand is not growing as fast as expected, even though automakers have flooded the market with a full range of new models. The most interested customers about the electric vehicle market have been drivers of Hawaii and Washington (besides California, of course) – with at least three such vehicles for each 1,000 registered in the state. In just three other states – Virginia, Georgia and Oregon – the EVs have a rate of at least two vehicles per 1,000 units.

California on the other hand sees at least five plug-based vehicles for each 1,000 registrations, with analysts and observers pointing out the causes of the strong demand. First off we have a slew of tax credits and other perks such as access to the state’s high-occupancy vehicle lanes even when there’s only one person inside. Besides, the Californians are well known for being environmentally conscious and the state also has very strict rules and policies on Zero-Emissions Vehicles.