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Japan’s Toyota is finally happy with its Lexus luxury brand – the marquee returned to its previous form and snatched the sales crown in the luxury segment for August, the second month in a row.

The brand managed to snatch the title thanks to increased demand for its newly introduced compact NX crossover and also closed the gap on the current overall leader – Germany’s BMW AG. Year over year deliveries soared 2.1 percent to 33, 487 units, with 4,448 of them being the new NX sport utility vehicle, according to Lexus. So far this year Lexus has managed to grab the overall second place behind BMW and passing Mercedes-Benz in the process. All three brands reported positive sales last month and continue to drive a very strong year for premium vehicles. “As BMW and Mercedes move down-market, the Lexus strategy has been very different,” comments Kevin Tynan, an auto analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. “It’s more about the Japanese building quality and reliability.”

BMW announced its August deliveries were also up by 2 percent compared to the same period last year to a tally of 27,775 autos. This was below the figure posted by its home country rival, Mercedes-Benz – which increased sales by 4.8 percent to 28,373 autos. Both makes had respective jumps for their bread and butter sedans – 24 percent for the BMW 3 Series and 39 percent for the newer Mercedes-Benz C Class.

So far this year BMW’s total include a 5.9 percent surge to 223,348 autos, leading Lexus by only 1,197 units after the latter saw deliveries jump 12 percent to 222,151 vehicles. Third placed Mercedes-Benz has gone up 7.3 percent so far this year to a tally of 220,870 units.

Via Bloomberg

  • Lexus Cohen

    The refreshed ES, LX, GS, updated IS and the all new RX is due for the December to remember sales event. Lexus will definitely end the year with their sales crown.