For the third year in a row, the average number of new-vehicles sales per dealership improved last year, rising almost 50 units to a record tally of 921 vehicles per store.

The data has been gathered in the latest study conducted Urban Science and also showed that the dealers have improved financial results – since the jump in the average number of new-unit sales was not accompanied by a major uptick in the number of dealerships compared to 2013. The average number of deliveries was derived from the total sales of 16.5 million vehicles in 2014, and cross-referenced with the total tally of dealerships of 17,953 stores. The record figure comes after the 2013 average of 874 units – there were total sales of 15.6 million autos and 17,838 dealerships. The figure accounted last year is more than 100 units on average higher than the 812-unit average in 2012 and shows the significant recovery of the automotive industry in the US: back in 2009 when the Great Recession was in full swing the average stood at 564 new vehicles per dealership.

Urban Science, a retail consulting firm in Detroit, actually forecasted last year that sales would find a stable point of around 850 and they stand by their prediction – though they also didn’t advance any timeframe for the new figure, which would suppose another downturn in new vehicle sales in the US. Global Director Mitch Phillips projects that 2015 will certainly not be the year of a new collapse, “2015 looks promising. With a stable dealer count and he strong sales forecast which the industry is now predicting, we could see this record broken again.” They predict that growing sales would bring an average of 941 units per dealership at the end of 2015.

Via Automotive News


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