US: auto journalists make record coast-to coast run in Tesla Model S image

Kudos to our fellow peers, which unassisted by Tesla, set out to prove electric cars can be fast, reliable and fun in a record setting California to New York 3,331.9 miles run.

A team from Edmunds, a website dedicated to the incredible world of the automotive industry, consisting of just two men – Dan Edmunds, the director of vehicle testing for the website and its photo editor Kurt Niebuhr – managed to complete the journey in a record time of just 67 hours 21 minutes. They not only smashed the previous record – of 76 hours 5 minutes – which was factory backed by Tesla, but also proved the potential of the newly introduced quick charging technology for battery-operated vehicles.

The Model S, equipped with the top of the range battery pack worth 85 kilowatt-hour, typically has a 300 miles range. Tesla is also implementing a US-wide network of Superchargers, 440-volt DC systems that can refill 80% of the batteries in just a little over half an hour.

Here are some interesting facts about the trip: they drove non-stop, with one man resting while the other assumed the driving duties. They had a strategy in place, as the Supercharger network on their assumed route was not fully implemented. They averaged 63.2 mph (102 km/h) and they needed 1.06 Megawatt-hours of electricity, which equals to around 30 gallons (113 liters) of gas. The fuel cost – zero, as Tesla offers free life-time charges to Model S owners. The actual driving time was of 52 hours 41 minutes – with the rest for charging and other activities, including waiting in line at tollbooths. The average Supercharger time was of 38.3 minutes.