US Auto Plants to Skip Summer Break image

Auto plants in the US will work during the two-week summer break to keep up with increased demand.

Ford announced that its plants in North America will be closed for only one week instead of two this summer, including the plant in Chicago which manufactures the Ford Explorer and the plant in Mexico which produces the Fusion sedan.

GM will not idle any of its plants, while Chrysler will offer the two-week break only to 4 of its 10 plants in North America. Both Chrysler and GM prepare to roll out models of utmost importance for the automakers.

GM, Chrysler and Ford traditionally idle their US plants from July 4th to July 18th for maintenance and to change the equipment for the new models. This year, this plan will be changed as demand for new vehicles in the region continues to be strong, after an increase of 7% through April. As home constructions have begun to rebound, demand for full-size pickup trucks began to increase.

GM North America President Mark Reuss said that the company might pause work for some machinery changes, but it will not have full shutdowns. GM prepares to introduce 20 new models, among which the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado pickups.

Source: AP