US: auto regulator calls public meeting on Takata issue on October 22 image

The US auto safety regulator – the NHTSA – announced recently it would have a public hearing related to the Takata recall on October 22, in a bid to possibly establish a better approach on handling the fatal flaw affecting almost 20 million autos.

Japan’s Takata Corp., an auto safety parts producer has been entrenched in a massive string of safety campaigns since 2008 because of its defective airbag inflators, which can explode with too much force and rupture, sending metal debris and shrapnel inside the cabin at high velocity. An announcement on the public hearing is expected to be published in the Federal Register as early as Thursday, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saying it would call to the proceeding regulators, vehicle manufacturers, air-bag inflator suppliers and organizations that handle probes to release presentations. “NHTSA may issue one or more administrative orders that would coordinate remedy programs,” added the agency.

It is expected that regulators would issue one or more new administrative orders to speed up or set new priorities inside the Takata fix program to make sure that all involved autos would get the new parts. The potentially flawed part – the inflator – has been tied to more than eight fatalities and around 19.2 million vehicles containing 23.4 million air bag inflators have been recalled in the US alone, with eleven carmakers affected.

Via Reuters