US Auto Sales: Nissan Leaf continues to sell better than Chevy Volt image

Even if Leaf sales slowed in September, while Chevrolet Volt sales more than doubled, Nissan still maintained a comfortable lead over General Motors in the green-car sweepstakes.

The Japanese automaker sold 1,031 Leafs in September 2011, which is a relatively big improvement over the 931 units delivered in July, but still down on high achieved in August – 1,362. Year to date, they’ve sold 7,199 — twice the number of Volts GM has shipped off dealer lots.

On the same time, sales of the $39,995 Chevrolet Volt increased 240 percent in September, from 302 units in August to 723. That brings the grand total of Volts sold since it entered production in late 2011 to approximately 4495. Good, but not enough.

GM has a steep hill to climb if they plan on making their claim of 10,000 units sold. By our count it means they’ll have to sell over 2,000 Volts during each of the remaining three months of 2011.

Still, GM doesn’t appear publicly worried, with spokesman Rob Peterson telling the Chicago Tribune, “I don’t see any problem with reaching our goal.

He says that GM’s Volt production has only been ramping up and that the time for real sales begins now.

By the end of the year, the Leaf will also be available for order in Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.