US: automakers already building up forces for Super Bowl Ads image

We’re not over 2014 yet, but already US carmakers are gathering their financial resources to properly serve the Super Bowl hype – which has turned into a media circus when it comes to the ads aired during the game and the prices of screen time.

The regular National Football League season is nearing its all-mighty climax and very soon US viewers (and their global counterparts, as well) will be closely watching the NFL playoff games. With the latter, the automotive ad craze begins and the culmination would be on February 1 – when the Super Bowl is scheduled. Automakers are feeling happy as 2014 has seen great sales and some record profits, while 2015 forecasts are equally optimistic. So, we should expect some Super Bowl gems, and even if no one strikes the genius cord we’ll still be able to make a top with the most expensive or/and crazy auto ads.

And the carmakers need those fat profits, because for this edition prices have gone up: a 30-second spot is $4.5 million, climbing from last season’s $4 million asking price. There will be some absentees though – mainly the very successful Volkswagen (in terms of ads, not sales – remember the Little Darth Vader spot?), Jaguar or Lincoln. But these are just exceptions, not the norm – even Nissan has joined the craze. The Japanese automaker, which last aired a Super Bowl commercial back in 1997, has foregone the legendary Carlos Ghosn penchant for cost cutting and already announced it would join the starting line-up of advertisers for NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX.