Detroit’s Big Three saw their market share rise 1.3 % in California in the first nine months of year, though they still lag major Asian automakers.

The California New Car Dealers Association announced that overall new car sales in the Golden State were up 12.9 5 — ahead of the 8.7 % increase nationally — while Detroit’s Big Three were up 18.5 % in the nation’s largest auto market that accounts for about 10 % of all U.S auto sales.

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler had 27.8 % of market share in the Golden State in the first nine months — still far below the 45.2 percent they averaged nationally. Japanese automakers held 48.9 % of California market share, up 12.5 % over their national 37.4 % market share. Korean automakers market share fell 1 %, European automakers market share fell 0.5 %, while Japanese automakers market share rose by 0.2 %.

The best selling vehicle in California is the Prius, while the Ford F Series truck is best selling nationally. Toyota sold 54,000 Prius cars in the first nine months, while Ford sold 30,523 F series trucks.

Hybrid sales keep rising in California and now account for 7 % of all sales — more than the double the national figures — to 90,000 in the first nine months of the year. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles account for 1 % and all electric-vehicles account for 1.2 % of California sales through Sept. 30.

Tesla Motors’ Model S was the third best selling luxury car in California with 6,554 sold in the first nine months — lagging the Mercedes E-Class (10,823) and BMW 5-Series (9,352).


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