With at least nine automotive brands aiming to capture the attention of millions of viewers, automotive manufacturers will be back in the Super Bowl this year in full force.

Most automakers have already started to flood YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets with teaser ads that are part of broader campaigns to draw attention to their brands. It costs advertisers an estimated $4 million for a 30-second ad; production costs for commercials can cost between $2 million and $6 million.

“It’s a four- to six-week period leading up to the Super Bowl, ” said Mark Simon, chief creative officer, Lowe Campbell Ewald, an advertising agency that has produced multiple Super Bowl ads in the past. “There is a lot of planning, and advertisers are looking to get their most bang for their buck.”

“We start planning for the Super Bowl literally almost right after a Super Bowl is over,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of Kia Motors America.

While Mercedes-Benz said it is not returning to the Super Bowl this year, many other automakers are, including Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Volkswagen. Jaguar is planning to advertise in the Super Bowl for the first time.


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