US: automakers should expect the UAW to demand pay raises in 2015 image

According to UAW President Dennis Williams, the well known United Auto Workers union will seek to gain a higher paycheck for the represented workers when the representatives start negotiations with the US carmakers on the new four-year labor pact in 2015.

The top UAW official further detailed his plan, saying that he will seek wage increases for both entry-level workers, who traditionally gain less than veteran auto factory employees, and for the experienced workers. Back in 2007, the labor deal signed by the UAW entitled automakers to give starting workers lower salaries of just around half of the full wage of $28 an hour. In the mean time, the situation has improved a little, with entry-level workers starting at about $18 an hour, though the veteran employees wage has remained the same.

“Wages certainly are a major issue in bargaining,” said Williams. He added that when companies speak about becoming even more competitive, the “only thing they talk about in public is doing it on the backs of workers.” And, with all three Detroit makers enjoying increased earnings each year, Williams now wants workers to be entitled to share the good times. Today, following a 2011 deal, UAW members at the three Detroit big are entitled to a bonus of $1,000 for each billion in North American profits.

Via Bloomberg