US: autonomous and connected cars are the cool asset at the 2015 CES image

The calendar for auto shows this year, which traditionally sees the first event in Detroit, has been short-circuited in 2015 by the International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, held during January 6 and 9.

While traditionally the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, starting January 12 this year has been the first main even for the automotive industry, recent years have seen the technology bridge bringing cars into other venues, such as the Las Vegas CES, traditionally known for TVs, computers or electronic games. While this year’s CES, according to experts in the field will herald new advances in the TV industry – namely 4K screens and related products – the name of the game is connectivity. General Motors has already surprised everyone and hosted a special event for select members of the media that were called to see the first glimpse of the next-generation Chevy Volt hybrid.

Coupled to the major Internet of Things (IOT) theme will be the field of intelligent cars, including consumer-oriented infrastructure for driverless cars. Just two years ago, automakers decided that CES would be an important show for them from now on. And the strategy is already clear this year, with ten auto companies among the exhibitors, including global powerhouses such as Audi, BMW, Toyota, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. And the latter two will have their CEO’s among the participants and even delivering keynote speeches on Monday and Tuesday. Everything will be on display, from the Apple IOS CarPlay auto service and Google’s Android Auto, to self-driving cars, connected vehicles and Toyota showcasing its latest ecological idea – the fuel-cell technology in the new Mirai model.

Via Forbes