US: best deals for a Labor Day car acquisition image

With the traditional Labor Day holiday weekend falling in September due to a calendar quirk, the usual end of the summer has relocated to September – but that doesn’t mean consumers would not be treated to reach discounts and opportunities.

The US auto industry has completely recovered from the brink of collapse brought by the 2009 financial crisis and is rooting for sales that would deliver figures not seen in at least a decade. And the traditional selling bonanza seen on Labor Day is for sure going to contribute to the general increase. With the booming market it’s now harder and harder to find bargains, as analysts and industry watchers are reporting soaring average transaction prices. But then again, there are certain loopholes. According to, the following Labor Day car sales weekend should have budget conscious motorists looking at models that are about to be replaced soon by new ones. “Although manufacturers are poised to replace these vehicles with new-generation models, they still offer excellent value and performance,” comments their consumer-advice editor.

A total of 31 models will be axed in favor of completely new generations or at least updated ones for the 2016 model year. And the website has also selected the best five deals, which include a plug-in hybrid and hybrid model. In alphabetical order, drivers would be wise to first consider the following autos: the 2015 BMW 3 Series luxury range; the 2015 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid; the 2015 Honda Civic compact; the 2015 Toyota Prius hybrid and the 2015 Volkswagen Passat.