US: biggest losers for 2014 image

The overall auto market in the US is ending 2014 in a big manner, with sales that have washed away the distant memory of 2009’s high profile bankruptcies. But even when automakers are on a high roll, there are those new-car busts.

According to Kelley Blue Book, carmakers could end up 2014 delivering around 16.8 million new cars and trucks – the highest figure since 2006 and now edging closer to the record setting year of 2000 – when the tally was of 17.8 million vehicles. But, in the spirit of the Christmas someone has to be the Grinch, so here are some of the year’s biggest busts – not accounting for models that traditionally sell in limited numbers or those awaiting a model changeover. Also, with these models in mind and their underperformance, you should expect and ask for big discounts if you fancy one of them.

Acura RLX had come to replace the equally short-selling RL flagship, but the slump has not been reversed. The Cadillac ELR has failed to hit the sweet spot – it’s essentially a Chevy Volt without two doors and the price tag that dwarfed Tesla’s Model S entry-level offering. The Dodge SRT Viper is an icon of American sports car production, but before the automaker operated a hefty price drop it was selling as fast as aircraft carriers. Scion iQ – this is the US version of Toyota’s microcar offering – but in a year that full-size pickup truck are back in fashion, who would be caught driving a midget?

Via Forbes