US: Black Friday car deals could be overshadowed by New Year’s offers image

Dealerships embarked in a massive car sale galore as the Black Friday deals enticed clients to make that long-awaited purchase. But even those who slept until late and saw the “out of stock” signs might be awarded – the New Year shows even better prospects.

For example, if last year’s story repeats, today the deals could already be better – in 2013 auto discounts were bigger immediately after Thanksgiving, and culminated on December 31 – when they reached the year’s peak. That means automakers were ready to give up a little profitability for that fabled sales winning streak. According to auto shopping and advice web site, the weighted average incentive (a percentage shaved from the suggested retail price) was the highest at 8.8% in December 31, 2013. The average sticker price of $35,793 dropped $3,156.

Also, usually the month of December is when luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus make their last minute effort to get that sales peak that would ensure their top position for the whole year. And 2014’s December could turn out crucial for BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which have been trading “blows” all year long are separated by just a handful of units. Lexus, for example, even launched its traditional December to Remember big-red-bow program well ahead of December 1st.

Via Forbes