US: Black Friday deals boost sales in November image

People are not being scared by the menacing name of the now very popular discount celebration, which means that customers would get out of the house in search of the fabled too-good-to-be-true deal on computers, TVs, clothes and… cars.

With the prospect of getting a very sweet deal on the ride they always wanted, people are turning up in numbers across the US, swarming on dealer lots and lifting November auto sales to new heights. Owing to a very strong weekend finish to the month, auto deliveries across the nation are expected go up to a total of 1.27 million units, climbing 2.2% year-over-year from the same month in 2013, according to a Kelley Blue Book forecast. “Car sales will remain elevated in November in large part because of Black Friday,” adds Edmunds Senior Analyst Jessica Caldwell.

According to Jeff Bracken, general manager of Lexus, with the premium Japanese brand a traditional leader of year-end sales promotions, it appears that automakers are rushing to introduce the Christmas Holiday offers earlier each year. KBB predicts the seasonally adjusted annual rate for November 2014 would rise to 16.8 million units – better than the 16.2 million figure accounted in November 2013 and on the rise from October 2014’s 16.3 million.