US: Black Friday for cars forecasted to bring record sales image

The coming Black Friday is expected to bring record sales over the weekend, as all auto dealers are announcing big discounts and financial offers.

The Black Friday event is not all about gadgets and electronics. It is also a good opportunity for customers who want to buy with a discount tag. Automakers have been seriously involved in this shopping fever for the past years, and industry analysts predict record sales for this period. The positive forecast is not only for this weekend, but also for the month, with predicting 1,331,415 new cars and trucks to be sold in the US this month. It would be close to the biggest November in the industry’s history, and twice the sales usually recorded over a normal weekend.

“Not even a decade ago, November was a notoriously slow sales month, and it typically ranked as the third worst month for sales in the calendar year,” says Jessica Caldwell,’s director of industry analysis. “But in recent years, car dealers have joined other retailers to embrace Black Friday as a big sales driver.”

The Black Friday promotions for cars are quite vast, as all major carmakers are trying to lure undecided customers with attractive offers. FCA’s Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram brands are all giving zero percent financing for up to 75 months, while Buick, Chevrolet and GMC are reducing their retail prices by up to 20 percent, and Ford is coming up with “Friends & Neighbors” promotion program.

Via Forbes