US: BMW looks for the no. 1 spot with redesigned 7-series image

BMW is set to regain leadership of the luxury sedan segment and also reach a new sales record with the help of its 7-series redesigned sedan.

The 2016 new 7-series will go on sale this year in October at a base price of $82, 295. Sales of BMW’s flagship in the U.S. peaked at 22, 006 back in 2002. Last year, Mercedes-Benz was the leader of the segment with its S-class sales of 25,276 units surpassing both BMW’s 7-series and the Lexus LS.

While BMW of North America’s CEO, Ludwig Willisch, would not announce a sales target, he said that 2016 will represent the top sales for the new-generation 7-series.

At the moment, the German carmaker has 1,500 orders for the 7 series and according to Willisch, most customers are opting for their cars to be fully loaded. Earlier this year, BMW has hosted 100 private showings that were attended by 6,500 customers and potential buyers.

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The redesigned 7-series comes with 13 industry novelties and 25 innovations to BMW, which include a carbon core that makes the car lighter with 290 pounds off, gesture control to take or reject phone calls and to turn the audio volume up or down, and wireless charging. The new BMW series has a set of semi-autonomous driving features to compete with those from the S-class and the most luxurious interior the German carmaker has produced up to date.

In the U.S., BMW is launching a new service program targeted for 7-series buyers named Ultimate Benefits. Dealers have to offer the program, for which BMW will pay the costs. The program has 5 benefits: an encore delivery, service priority, pickup and delivery, annual free detailing and a 24/7 concierge service.

By Gabriela Florea