US buyer has first “lemon law” victory over Tesla image

A Wisconsin doctor, who had major issues with his Model S luxury sedan, scored a disputed win over the California-based company, which agreed to pay him more than $100,000.

The customer, who self-entitles him as the “Lemon Law King”, seems to have scored the first reported lemon-law case against the electric car company. He also achieved a reasonable amount of fame after earlier in the case Tesla questioned his claims officially on the maker’s corporate website.

Robert Montgomery said his Model S was repeatedly broken, for a total of 66 days in the months after he acquired it in March 2013. Among the reported issues are door handles that wouldn’t allow him access into the car or the transmission knob unwilling to shift to the “Drive” position.

Tesla, in a blog posting, fought back and claimed, “there are factual inaccuracies,” including a fuse that may have “been tampered with.” After that, service technicians “applied non-tamper tape to the fuse switch. From that point on, the fuse performed flawlessly.”

In the end, the automaker and the “Lemon Law King” negotiated the Model S return to the company, while ultimately giving the customer and his lawyer a check worth $126,836.52. According to a Tesla spokesperson, the company does “believe in lemon laws” and for now “case…closed.”