US: Cadillac could expand offices to New York image

General Motors’ luxury unit Cadillac is now mulling the expansion of its offices from Detroit to the Manhattan district, part of the sustained effort to make the premium brand a true global player.

Cadillac has been suffering lately from a dip in brand image in its home market, while GM has constantly tried – and often failed – to expand the carmaker’s appeal outside North America. The move so far was only successful in China – where Caddy’ enjoys overwhelming demand. On the other hand, a traditional premium battleground – Europe – has remained out of reach for Cadillac so far.

“As Cadillac grows, it’s possible we could look to add to our team or expand,” said Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell. “But as of now, no changes.”

The automaker has a new boss now – Johan de Nysschen – formerly the leader of Nissan’s premium unit Infiniti, tasked to achieve here actually the same goals. In his previous leadership role, de Nysschen also staged a relocation of Infiniti’s headquarters from Yokohama, Japan to Hong Kong, China. A similar move by the Cadillac brand would allow the addition of new talent, as well as set a distance between their culture and strategy and the influence of General Motors’ headquarters in Detroit.

Via Reuters