US: Cadillac has ambitious sales goal image

GM’s premium car brand has set its eyes on a double-digit percentages growth for 2014, as it adds new models to its US line-up and expands considerably its presence in China, the world’s biggest car market.

With the brand’s sales in 2013 pushing up by 28 % globally (with a 251,000 vehicles tally) and around 22 % in the US, Cadillac is now adding three models to the roster – the 2014 ELR plug-in hybrid coupe, the 2015 Escalade SUV and the 2015 ATS Coupe.

Ed Welburn, GM’s vice president of global design: “We’ve got more Cadillacs under development today than at any other time in the history of that brand.”

Bob Ferguson, senior vice president of GM’s Global Cadillac business also said Cadillac is poised to unveil at least a new product every year for the rest of the decade.

“We’ll refresh existing products and we’ll do things that extend the product lines so we have more choices for consumers and a broader showroom for our dealers,” he added.

According to research firm IHS Automotive estimates, GM’s luxury brand global sales will be greater than 300,000 vehicles in 2015, as Cadillac’s growth this year according to their forecast could slow down to 5.2 %.