US: California invests in hydrogen fuel stations image

In America, one particular state is the “green” technology heaven, with California’s rules among the toughest on car pollution in the world. And, because if you set up rules, you also make the necessary adjustment, the state is constantly investing in eco car tech.

Because the state is pursuing all angles when it comes to offering its residents alternative means of transportation, the land of “green” experiments is not putting all its eggs in one baskets – that being the electric/hybrid car one.

The California Energy Commission is going to use a $46.6 million investment to speed up the development of hydrogen fueling stations. Thanks to the cash, the state’s hydrogen refill stations is set to increase from the current nine, with 17 in various stages of construction and another 28 new stations to be started.

With the constant debate surrounding this type of fuel – automakers said no models are developed because there is no infrastructure and hydrogen providers say there’s no demand – looking to be finally over, both parties seem to be moving swiftly.

Honda has been on the market with its FCV Clarity by around five years now, rivals seem now to be rushing to be giving it some company. Hyundai is bringing to the US its already on sale Korean and European fuel cell-powered Tucson crossover, Toyota is adding a brand new and specifically designed model in 2015 and Honda has revealed a new FCEV fuel-cell vehicle concept car, due also in 2015.