If the California State Parks ranger escapes without losing his job and DUI charges, he’s not going to be the most stupid drunk officer in the world, but also the luckiest.

You know how it happens – when you drink too much you get sleepy – the thing is that most of us after drinking tend to go home (in a taxi, hopefully) and then loose consciousness in the bed, or at least in the near vicinity. Well, for one Tyson Young ranger that was not the case.

A person who remained anonymous snapped the photo of the man sleeping in his State Parks vehicle, but according to Lost Coast Outpost, he only photographed him after trying to wake him up and calling 911. The source said that on August 15 he spotted a State Parks vehicle oddly parked along State Route 254, in Humboldt Redwood State Park, California.

“I shook him, really shook him,” the man recalled. “And then I saw the beer between his legs.”

“Young displayed objective symptoms of intoxication and was detained for a DUI investigation,” said CHP Officer Patrick Bourassa.

The California Highway Patrol’s Garberville office responding to the 911 call pulled Young over after the man woke up and fled the scene before the authorities arrived. Besides the DUI charges, the ranger also faces a California State Parks, being put on administrative leave pending the results of the probe.

Via lostcoastoutpost.com


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