US: California sees Prius on top of car sales image

According to a market report, in California – a great venue for electric and hybrid cars – Toyota’s Prius hybrid was for the second year in a row the best-selling vehicle line.

The sunny state with a great attention to environment is America’s biggest car and truck market and the four-model Prius line saw total 2013 sales of 69, 728 units, besting Honda’s Civic – according to the California Auto Outlook report made by the California New Car Dealers Association.

Meanwhile, the world’s most famous new electric car, Tesla’s $71,000 Model S wasn’t among 2012’s top sellers and for 2013 went straight to No.3 among luxury cars, bested by the Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class and BMW’s 5-Series.

Also, according to the California Auto Outlook car sales of vehicles powered partially or wholly by electricity totaled 9.3 % of the state’s sales last year, as very strict emission regulations encourage the acquisition of hybrids, plug-in autos and battery cars in the most populous US state.

Via Bloomberg