US: Car and Truck of the Year North America has the finalists list ready image

The North American Car and Truck of the Year award is drawing near, as the finalists for each category have been recently announced – three cars and three trucks are competing against each other for the honor.

The announcement of the winners will only come next year in January during the opening day of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. For the car section we have the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu, Mazda MX-5 Miata and Honda Civic while over on the truck side we have the Volvo XC90, Nissan Titan XD and Honda Pilot. According to Lindsay Brooke, one of the 53 NACTOY jurors and the one that delivered the nominees list during a luncheon hosted by the Detroit’s Automotive Press Association, commented on the list saying the major issue for the year was the sheer amount of vehicle debuts for the 2016 model year – a total of 49 new autos made their debuts over the course of the year.

And that only looks to be an even more pressing issue since next year have been scheduled a total of 79 vehicle debuts and in 2017 no less than 74 models will be introduced, show estimates coming from IHS Automotive. “To understand the full significance of the North American Truck of the Year award you have to look at the cumulative depth of knowledge of the jurors, who represent major magazines, television stations, radio stations, newspapers and websites,” commented Fred Diaz, one of the auto executives that had a company truck included on the list. Last year the NACTOY winners were the Volkswagen Golf and Ford F-150.