US: car thieves are now even more high-tech image

As technology advances, those who want to profit from stealing other peoples belonging are also progressing – a fact very true especially when it comes to cars. CNN even reports mysterious devices, yet unknown, are now in wide use.

The escalating tactic sees thieves around US using a mysterious “black box” device that seamlessly unlocks a car’s doors within moments – a phenomenon that dates back in 2013, as police in Long Beach, California in April first attracted the media attention by asking the public’s help to identify suspects that used “unknown technology” to go inside the car without a key.

“This is a situation where technology is working against us, making our job much more challenging at a time where resources are already strained,” said Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell in a statement. “Just as law enforcement tactics evolve, so does the criminal element’s – and we need the community’s involvement more so than ever.”

The police recommends installing security cameras around the car’s location and making sure there are no “valet key” in the cars or any other valuables, as the thieves operate fast and without attracting attention because the care unlocks itself and the alarm doesn’t go off.