A recent report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau puts California at the top of the US states with the highest vehicle theft rate in 2015.

The Hot Spots Vehicle Theft Report for 2015 released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that eight of the ten highest car theft areas in the United States were in California, with the Modesto metropolitan area having the nation’s highest per capita vehicle theft rate. The report mentions that, as it is a population-based survey, an area with a much smaller population and a moderate number of thefts can have a higher theft rate than an area with a much more significant vehicle theft problem and a larger population to absorb it. In the top ten hot spot, only Albuquerque, New Mexico (2nd) and Pueblo, Colorado (7th), were the areas not in California.

According to data gathered from the National Crime Information Center for each of the US’ metropolitan regions, there were 4,072 car thefts in Modesto last year, translating to 756.33 thefts per 100,000 residents, 6,657 in Albuquerque or 733.71 per capita and 6,000 in Bakersfield (3nd) – California or 680.14 per 100,000 residents.

NICB said that FBI’s January-June 2015 preliminary crime data showed vehicle theft was up 1 percent across the nation. Even with this small rise, the good news though is that theft rates have seriously decreased over the last several years.

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