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The bustling new car sales are treating to a welcomed recovery the US auto market, but the shopping spree doesn’t mean customers should jump at the opportunity of a first purchase.

That’s because caution and some consumer reasonability is in order even as the economy is improving, jobs are surging and the general consumer confidence has new all-time highs. It’s not all roses and daisies on the auto market, because bad deals can be done in an instant. So, here’s a small list of cars you might want to avoid for various reasons.

We’re starting with the BMW 7 Series sedan – the flagship has ran its course and while it’s waiting for its due replacement it seems to have lost the edge. Consumer Reports even puts it in its “skunk” list of lowest-scoring cars, worst overall values and most expensive operating costs. Next in line is another luxury contender, the full-size front-drive XTS sedan, pitted by Consumer Reports as among the industry’s worst values – even a Chevy Impala could offer you the same amount of car for less buck. Showing its age ungracefully is the odd Dodge Journey – a seven-passenger crossover that could also be mistaken for a boxy MPV. The Fiat 500L comes next – and we don’t have enough space to tell you what’s wrong with this car, starting with the design and ending with low scores for quality or uninspiring performance. The Jeep Compass comes next – it’s an easy to forget entry in the compact crossover segment and a stain on the US automaker’s rugged reputation. As an added bonus, we’re also placing the Mitsubishi i-Miev electric car on the list – it makes you forget any argument you ever had in the favor of electric driving.

Via Forbes