US: cheap or expensive states to insure your vehicle image

If expanses are any pointer, it appears that Americans are obsessed with car insurance rates – last year TV ads on the matter brought in for the broadcasters almost to billion dollars.

Naturally, anyone would go to great lengths to make sure his or her pockets remain a little more stuffed. But since there are deep, intractable factors that actually affect the premiums, there is little we can do – apart from choosing the cheapest company, fine-tune the policy and go for a vehicle that is traditionally cheaper to insure. But among those unchangeable factors – such as age, marital status, address, credit rating and driving record – there is one that can powerfully influence the end rate. And this one – albeit with much trouble – can be influenced by the owner. The place where we live. That’s because when all others are equal, someone living in a crowded and crime-prone city are should expect to pay significantly more than someone living in a quiet, suburban area of the same town.

According to, just moving a few state borders can incur considerably less expenses. For example, if you live in Maine, Ohio and Idaho you can expect to pay around 30 percent less than the national average to insure your new ride, while going for Michigan will bring a 90 percent surge in the quota. The tally between the absolute cheapest (Maine, at $805) and most expensive US state (Michigan, at $2,662) reaches an incredible $9,285 over a traditional five-year period.

Via Forbes