US: Chicago Auto Show might be the perfect Valentine’s Day date image

The auto show circuit in North America is ready for another highlight this week, as Chicago is getting ready to welcome thousands of consumers that might spend the traditional love season with a beloved new… car or truck.

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is naturally the largest automotive event in the United States, generating enough buzz to attract almost all chief executives of the major global automakers. But there are smaller venues – such as the Los Angeles Auto Show and the Chicago motor show that tend to focus more on the consumer than media representatives and company executives. “This year’s show is shaping up to be one of the best in quite a long time,” comments Mark Bilek, spokesman for the Chicago Automobile Trade Association. The Chicago fair will attract around 3,000 media from the region and has also stepped up this year, with more intricate displays or video displays and ready to present cars that might have been overshadowed otherwise in Detroit.

It will come with roughly a dozen vehicle premieres – compared to more than 40 that shined at the NAIAS this edition – but when figures are tallied, Chicago places above the latter when talking about audience. The 2015 edition of the Detroit show totaled 808,775 people — a 12-year high – but actually Chicago ranks in the top three for attendance in the United States. Nancy Walter, vice president of Foresight Research of Rochester – a firm that tracks consumer impact for 74 auto shows – says Chicago came last year second after New York when billing the number of households and Detroit was only fifth.