US: Chinese owner of Fisker wants Karma back on the production line image

Wanxiang Group, the Chinese bidder which acquired the remaining assets of bankrupt US automaker Fisker, has decided to restart the production of the Karma plug-in hybrid premium car “within a year”.

According to Pin Ni, which is the chief of the US unit of the Wanxiang Group, China’s largest auto parts company, the plans to restart the Karma production are in full motion and the reborn company also wants to finish the development of its second model – which was halted halfway because of the bankruptcy.

The Fisker Karma, equipped with a hybrid system quite similar in operation to Chevrolet’s Volt, had been sold before 2012 at a price starting around $100,000 – making it a full-fledged competitor to Tesla’s Model S. Now, the production restart should begin this year at Fisker’s Finland plant, with sales aimed at the US and Europe.

“Obviously we want to sell more than what Fisker sold before under its previous management,” Ni said. “We would like to restart Karma production within a year.”

Ni added that US production would be likely if the sales progress, with the company discussing several options, including cooperation with “a potential partner out of Michigan.”

Via Reuters