The US safety agency has issued a warning concerning millions of drivers that own aging model vehicles in the so-called “Rust Belt” states that brake systems should be verified.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come to the conclusion that older model autos need to be checked for corrosion to the braking systems, with the warning being issued after a long-running probe into GM trucks and SUV owner complaints. The so-called “Rust Belt” has in it around 50 percent of the contiguous US states – salt is usually employed as a means of road defroster, affecting more rapidly cars and trucks over time, with certain parts having corrosion problems as a result. The NHTSA warning was an advisory that originated from research conducted during an investigation of rust-related issues affecting around 2 million GM pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. The probe was also concluded and the safety regulator deemed a recall unnecessary for the GM autos from model years 1999 to 2003, among them being the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon.

NHTSA’s advices that accompanied the overall warning encompassed a guideline that owners should wash their cars regularly even during the winter and also have the brakes looked up if they live or drive regularly in the Rust Belt when facing cold weather. The warning included any model from all makes built below the 2007 model year. After that period the zinc-aluminum alloy usually employed as a coating for the brake systems – widely susceptible to rust triggered by salt – was replaced with better performing coatings made of nylon and plastic.

Via Automotive News



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