US: Competition ready to heat up in mid-size pickup truck segment image

While Americans are usually all in for the full-size pickup truck segment, there are clients that don’t need a hulking vehicle but still want most of the advantages of a pickup model.

So, even though the clients are not as many as when talking about the bigger segment, Japanese automakers found a great niche for their products that fit in the category – especially since they also use them as global models in many cases (or at least the same platform). So, no wonder that Toyota is ready to present an all-new version of its Tacoma mid-sized pickup for 2015. That’s because one of the big Detroit Three – GM – has decided to revive the Colorado nameplate. More so, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado has already won accolades – among them being named truck of the year by Motor Trend magazine.

According to Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for the Toyota City, the Japanese company’s US sales unit, the automaker is ready to make an official announcement and present the model to the public during January’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Colorado model – offered after a two years break – together with the next generation of the Tacoma should lift rivalry to new heights in the mid-size truck segment, where Nissan also has a strong offering.

Via Bloomberg