US congress probe now after engineers in GM recall scandal image

General Motors has been under intense scrutiny from US lawmakers regarding the way it handled the ignition switch defect recall and now the investigation is focusing on specific engineers and other people involved.

GM only started at the end of February to recall no less than 2.6 million cars affected by the ignition switch defect and since finding out that the company actually needed more than a decade to start addressing the problem with a recall the federal government has issued numerous probes on the company.

House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee started last month to investigate the matter and spoke to GM’s lawyers and the CEO about why it took the company so long to address the situation – but the fact is that investigators came to no conclusion and are still in the dark on how GM’s engineers reacted to the problem and if the executives were briefed on the matter.

Now, next to them, another congressional committee – the Senate Commerce Science and Transportation Committee – decided to start asking specific persons, which had direct knowledge of the problem – on how was the situation handled.

“The thing that I found most appalling is the deception here and that deception is really outrageous and totally unacceptable in terms of what they knew, when they knew it and what they told the public,” said Senator Kelly Ayotte, who serves on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation panel.

JHust as a reminder, GM is under investigation because of a recall involving an ignition switch defect present in compact models that have now been fazed out – which could suddenly trigger an engine shutdown that also makes critical safety systems go offline.

Via Reuters