US Congress to seriously put pressure on GM CEO image

Mary Barra, General Motors first female CEO, is ready to take the stand once more today and testify before the US Congress lawmakers, which are eager to get more answers than in April.

Back then, the recently named chief executive, cam under fire from the House Energy and Commerce Committee representatives for the company’s mishandling of a 2.6 million cars recall over a defective ignition switch which led to at least 50 crashes and 13 deaths.

Named in office mid January, CEO Mary Barra soon faced her first – and so far could be her biggest ever – crisis, as the public and the federal authorities found out that the February recall of cars equipped with the faulty part was actually many years late. According to an internal investigation report ordered in March and headed by outside counsel Anton Valukas, there were employees that knew about the issue for at least 11 years, although there was no plot to cover up the incident and senior executives were unaware of the situation.

“GM’s work to restore drivers’ confidence is far from over,” said Committee Chairman Fred Upton, adding that he wants “straight and honest answers” from Barra about the mishandling of the situation.

In April, Barra faced a round of questions from the US Congress, but she refrained from detailed answers, saying she needs the conclusion of the internal review before saying more. The findings were revealed earlier this month, and after the findings, 15 GM employees – among them the engineer that designed the faulty part – were let go.

Via Reuters