US: Consumer Reports asks Toyota to recall older Camry hybrids image

The widely influential magazine has moved to ask the world’s largest automaker – Toyota – to call back some 177, 500 older Camry hybrid sedans because of alleged power brake issues.

According to Consumer Reports, Toyota has not gone far enough to address a potentially fatal safety defect. The Japanese automaker initiated a service campaign or a warranty extension on two different issues on cars from model years 2007 to 2011. The service campaign addresses the liability as cars come back for regular, scheduled maintenance.

“Consumer Reports believes that Toyota should recall these cars,” the magazine said. “What’s at issue here is a series of acknowledged defects in a crucial safety system. A recall is more comprehensive and widely published than a mere service campaign, and owners don’t have to wait for a problem to happen before qualifying for the repair,” Consumer Reports added. “Besides that, unlike extended warranties, recalls don’t expire and are performed proactively.”

Toyota spokesman John Hanson commented on the company’s stance on the matter saying the automaker is closely working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as the safety regulator has opened an investigation on the matter. Consumer complaints prompted the probe, as owners of Camry hybrid sedans said they had difficulties with the intermittent loss of assisted braking.

Via Reuters