US: Consumer Reports delivers blow, not recommending the Jeep Cherokee image

According to the Consumer Reports magazine, who thinks the SUV has a rather choppy ride and unimpressive handling, the new Jeep Cherokee ultimately falls short of expectations, not eligible for the recommended rating.

Chrysler Group LLC’s new Cherokee, which has been reinstated in its rightful place instead of the Liberty flop in Jeep’s lineup, is adamant to the company’s success, as it was plagued with production delays and Chrysler spent a huge amount of cash – $550 million – retooling the Toledo, Ohio facility to build it.

“It is a contemporary design that had potential, but despite a few high points, overall we found it half-baked,” said the magazine, which has more than 8 million print and online subscribers. “The Cherokee is an uneven package, and it scores too low to be recommended.”

The new SUV, which is seen by Consumer Reports and others as a “radical departure” from the core strategy of the Jeep brand (nobody could say the new front resembles any other Jeep) is also based on a new architecture developed jointly with Fiat – one that would also be used for other models, like the Chrysler 200 sedan. The magazine criticized the four-cylinder engine as being “underpowered and not very fuel-efficient”, while the new nine-speed transmission was “unrefined”.

Via Reuters