US: Corvette museum to keep sinkhole on display image

Back in February, a strange news came by – a 60-foot (18 meters) deep sinkhole opened in the floor of the National Corvette Museum’s Sky Dome, swallowing some of the precious exhibits.

Well, here’s another piece of odd news – the board of directors has decided the old cliché of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” thoroughly applies – and has opted in making the a 40-feet wide by 60-feet deep (well, actually just a part of it) a part of the permanent exhibition…

The museum, located in Bowling Green, Kentucky initially wanted General Motors’ design team help in repairing the eight Corvettes that fell in the sinkhole, but after initial assessments that proved more difficult than expected. The board had three choices – make the sinkhole disappear, keep it “intact” or compromise – repair some of it and keep the rest with some of the models that fell in.

“We have to look at creative ways to generate interest in the Museum,” said Executive Director Wendell Strode. “It would be so much easier to just be a regular automotive museum with our Corvettes on display, but we have to think outside the box.”

They opted on the latter – fro a good reason. Since February, the total attendance of the museum jumped 59%, with a 71% increase in admissions income, 58% growth in Corvette Store sales, 72% rise in membership and a 65% increase in total revenue.